To say its been a busy three weeks would be an understatement and to say the last three weeks has been an blast would also be an understatement. Three weeks ago we were shooting on the beaches of Santa Barbara, CA and last week we were shooting in the urban setting in Chicago, IL and yesterday we were shooting in woods among the Fall leaves and good friends in Rockford, IL. Trying to keep this brief - Mark and Emily casted their idea to us last winter about hosting their wedding in Emily's mothers backyard. Mark talked about building some wood benches and other things. Well when we arrived to scout last week we walked into a full blown outdoor chapel, and of course  a sweet wood bar for the reception. :) Mark & Emily and their team of friends and family pulled of an amazing DIY wedding - all the way to Emily making all the cakes for everybody. We loved getting to see old friends, meet some new ones and share the day with you two! Congrats again!